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A Fan Community for the Youngest Winchester: Adam Milligan

Adam Milligan Winchester:

Who is Adam? Well, as stated numerous times in the community header, Adam is the youngest Winchester, though unofficially. He makes his first appearance in 4:19 Jump the Shark. Adam is John Winchester's youngest son, conceived with a nurse, Kate Milligan, in Windom, Minnesota. He was born on September 29, 1990 and didn't meet John till he was about twelve. He has no idea about the existence of the supernatural, because John sought to protect him from it.

The real Adam Milligan was introduced in the 100th episode of Supernatural, where he was revived by the angels (after being brutally murdered by some vengeful ghouls) as a Plan B for Michael. Like Sam, he fell in The Pit, and that's all we know. Let's pray for him, shall we...though he might not appreciate the sentiment, as angels haven't exactly been all that angelic to him.

He is played by actor Jake Abel, whose role is described by Entertainment Weekly as: "The actor playing the new sibling is a Wincest buff's dream - he looks so much like Padalecki and Ackles he could be their magical gay offspring." If you, like me, fell in love with the baby Winchester as soon as you saw him, then this is the community for you.

The Rules:

Like all communities, there are some small guidelines to follow. All should be well if you adhere to them, as I'm not a very strict person, generally.

1. All posts - fanfiction, fanart, discussions, icons, fan videos, whatever your pretty little head can think of - are allowed, as long as they pertain to Adam as a central character.

2. Please use the community tags. For example, if you write a fanfic with Adam, Sam and Dean as central characters, use the tags fanfiction, Adam Milligan, Dean Winchester, and Sam Winchester, etc. If there is a tag you'd like to use that isn't there, use mod!help and I'll try to get back to you.

3. If you are posting fanart or fanfiction, use at least these headers: Title, Rating, Disclaimer, Pairings/Characters, Warnings, Author, and Summary. All ratings, from K to NC-17, are allowed, but use them to your own discretion.

4. All long or large posts (fanfic over three hundred words or any huge fanart) posts should be under an LJ-cut. LJ has made things easier for users - all you have to do is highlight the text/image you want under the cut, and click the LJ-cut button.

5. Please do not forget warnings. If there will be graphic sexual situations depicted in your work, mention that. There are people who are iffy with slash, het, violence, whatever. We not only want to make this community comfortable for them, but for you. If someone ostracizes you for what you like and you do not have a warning, I will let you shoulder the blame yourself.

6. You are allowed to recommend artwork/fanfiction/whatever, but make sure to have the creator's permission and give credit where it's due. I'm not a fan of plagiarism.

7. RPF (Real Persons Fiction) incorporating Jake and any SPNRPF pairings is allowed (i.e. We're cool with Jensen/Jake, but not Chris Pine/Jake, as awesome as that might be, UNLESS his role as Adam is pertinent in the fic). There are too few Jake-fics as it is, so feel free to post this kind here, all right?

8. NO DRAMA! This is a fan community, but I want us to act like mature adults - even if we're not. This, by no means, declares that we can't have fun, just that it's a little bit of dignified fun. So no hating on any particular characters/pairings/whatever; no wank. Love, not war, and all that - let's let the Winchester boys handle the battles for us, eh? ;)

9. Last but certainly not least, let's show the baby Winchester some love, alright!? Go out there and POST!

10. What? Where? There is no rule ten!


If you'd like to affiliate, we'd love to have you! PM me at: ladyknightanka.

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